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Welcome to Marvic Joinery Ltd

Marvic Joinery Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Curved and Shaped components predominantly for staircase manufacturers and other Joinery manufacturers.

We specialise in the production of Bullnose Risers & Curtail RisersShaped, Circular and Semi Circular glazing beads, Column Casings, Steering wheel Rims and Bullseye windows to name but a few. All circular work is done so using our jointless system which gives the finished product the appearance that it has been manufactured out of one piece of timber.

In addition to the Timber Bending section of the business we also have a specialist joinery section that produces bespoke external joinery such as various types of windows (square headed and arched), Bifolding doors, External and Internal Doors, screens and frames which are all made to order to suit each individual requirement.

Both sides of the business use a variety of materials such as Pine, Oak, Sapele, Idigbo, Beech & Ash as a few examples.