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All our doors are individually designed and made to measure to ensure you get exactly what you need for your home.


We manufacture every combination of door set you can imagine, from grand front entrance doors to french doors, stable doors and combination door frames. For inspiration please visit our gallery
Our solid construction timber doors are supplied factory hung using high grade stainless steel ball bearing butt hinges for ease of opening. And fitted with Multi-Point locking systems that ensure great security and weathersealing.

Our doors are available in a wide range of timbers, configurations and finishes.To find out more take a look at the links below or call us on 01283 551 959



Key Features of our Door Sets


Pre Hung at our Factory

As standard all our door sets are supplied pre hung and fitted with locks with meticulous detail by our skill craftsmen. This not only ensures you get a precise fit but it will also save you time and money on site.


High Security Multi-Point Locking   

Our standard door locks are designed to meet with PAS24 requirements and fitted with stainless steel face plates. The locking system has multiple locking points to ensure great security and performance.


Custom Designed & Solid Timber Construction

All our doors are built to order and are available in many designs and styles. Using traditional mortice and tenon joints our doors are both beautiful and durable.

          Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our gallery  




All our door sets benifit from a durable memory compression weather-seal, ensuring that your doors are always tightly sealed. Along side this we use high performance 28mm double glazed units with warm edge technology. This enables us to give our doors a CE mark that complies with current building regulations.


Ready to Fit

Our doors can be supplied factory glazed and finished in a wide variety of paints and stains.

This ensures that not only do you get the best quality of finish possible but also will save you time and money on site when they are delivered.

Be sure to check out our links below on finishing and glazing options.


Choice of Handles

We offer a wide range of handles that are designed to compliment your home.

Each of our door handles are matched with our complimentary range of ironmongery furniture. This allows you peace of mind, that if you have windows in your property all the furniture will match in both style and finish.





Low Level Thresholds

We offer solutions suitable for disabled access or seamless integration with the outside.

Please contact us for more information.




All our windows & doors are made to measure and are available in a wide range of timbers, configurations and finishes.

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