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Shaped Glazing Beads

We have a range of standard circular and semi circular glazing beads in a variety of materials to suit customer requirements in addition we can also produce shaped glazing beads to suit bespoke projects.

The circular and semi circular glazing beads are to suit 44mm and 56mm doors. The section size of the beads to suit a 44mm door are 25x20mm and to suit a 56mm door are 30x24mm.Please find a list of standard circular glazing bead sizes below

• 300mm Diameter rebate size
• 350mm Diameter rebate size
• 381mm Diameter rebate size
• 400mm Diameter rebate size
• 450mm Diameter rebate size
• 457mm Diameter rebate size
• 500mm Diameter rebate size
• 600mm Diameter rebate size

Semi circular glazing beads can be accommodated in a variety of diameters ranging from 200mm to 1400mm

Other sizes and shapes available upon request - Please contact us.