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Timber Bending

Marvic Joinery has been manufacturing curved pieces of work for over 30 years' and therefore have a vast knowledge in a number of different practices whether the curved products are produced using our RF presses or produced using our vacuum bag system.

Some examples of the work undertaken by Marvic Joinery are:

  • Column Casings – These are mostly produced using Birch ply and and we can accommodate internal diameters ranging from 170mm to 600mm. The overall length is normally 2400mm long. In addition we can also produce plinths to suit the diameter of the casing.
  • Steering Wheel Rims – These can be manufactured in a variety of different hardwoods such as Walnut, Sapele, Maple and Ash. We also produce these in 14”, 15” & 16” diameters using our jointless lamination system.
  • Other Curved Components - We also produce various curved components for the car and aerospace industries.
  • Arched windows – All arched and circular manufactured windows are done using a Jointless Lamination System for the heads and sash top rails to the windows.

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