Sliding Sash Windows

Our timber Sliding Sash windows are available in three variants: A traditional box sash, a spiral balance sash & a tilt/slide spiral balance.


But what do the names mean?


Traditional Box Sash


Spiral Balance Sash


Tilt & Slide Spiral Balance


The opening sashes are counterbalanced using sash cord, pulley wheels & lead weights. The lead weights are concealed in a box section frame.

This frame section is designed to fit behind the external brickwork skin, leaving you with a slender looking frame.


With a smaller solid section frame, the Spiral Balance window is fitted with spiral rod & tension springs that are concealed in a durable white tube.

The spiral balance allows for a smaller section frame, which is ideal for windows that are not fitted behind the external brickwork skin.


  This window also has a smaller solid frame section like the Spiral Balance Sash window. But features an inwards tilting action to allow for easy cleaning from inside. Making it ideal for those hard to reach windows.  

All our sliding sash windows are made to order to any size & configuration. Including arched top & bay windows.

Every window is fitted with high performance glazing and fully weather-sealed framing as standard.



Sliding Sash Key Features


Traditional Design

Our Sliding sash windows have been meticulously designed to be traditional in style but meet with modern day standards.

This means that not only do they look like original sliding sashes but comply with current building regulations and open effortlessly all year round.


Ready to Fit

Our windows are supplied factory glazed and finished in a wide variety of paints and stains.

This ensures that not only do you get the best quality of finish possible but also will save you time and money on site when they are delivered.

Be sure to check out our links below on finishing and glazing options.


Slender Design Georgian Bars

At just 22mm wide, our Georgian style bars give you that traditional style without a bulky feel.

Our specially designed Georgian bars have been designed to be deflection and expansion free meaning they will be long lasting and rot free.

Putty Style Glazing Beads also available upon request



Our sliding sash windows are not only designed to look beautiful but are also designed to perform.

As standard we fit superior double glazing & high quality low maintenance draught proofing around the enitre framing. This not only enusres you great noise reduction, but also provides you with an energy effienent window that will help lower your bills.




Sliding Sash Furniture

Our sash furniture works with all of our sash windows including the Yorkshire Sliding.


Modern Fitch Fastener

Traditional Fitch Fastener

Sash Lift

Sash Pull


We can also offer sash locks and stops to prevent the sashes opening beyond a set point. For more information on this please contact us


All our windows & doors are made to measure and are available in a wide range of timbers, configurations and finishes.

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